We offer a bespoke service to help maintain independant living within your home. We cover Stone in Staffordshire and surrounding areas.

Services Available

  • Light gardening including lawn mowing; weeding; pruning; putting in bedding plants; trimming hedges, bushes etc; sweeping of leaves; watering plants; spraying for bugs; cleaning of patio slabs with a pressure washer; painting of fences.
  •  Household cleaning including dusting; cleaning of all rooms; vacuuming; washing up/ stacking and unloading dishwasher; mopping floors; window cleaning inside and outside (low level only); putting on a washing load and pegging outside on washing line.
  • Ironing including folding and hanging up of clothes and putting them away.
  • Food shopping; assisting to order online for a home delivery or accompanying, in a pre-ordered taxi, to help with the shop.
  • Collection of prescriptions. 
  • Travelling with the client to hospital, GP, optician, dental, podiatry appointments, social groups etc, in a pre-ordered taxi.  Remaining with them for the duration and then accompanying them home. 
  • Dog walking around local parks, fields etc.
  • Changing bed sheets and duvets and ensuring clean ones are fitted.
  • Making light meals such as cheese on toast, sandwiches etc.
  • Notifying loved-ones of all attendances and supplying them with photographs and emails/texts as appropriate.
  • General tidying and organising of rooms to suit client’s needs.
  • Auditing contents of fridge/freezer to make sure contents of food are not out-of-date.
  • Recycle and take out the bins on the designated day.
  • Providing company/ companionship.
  • All other reasonable enquiries will be considered.